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5 Things You Must Know About Marriage (Best Before)

Marriage is not just hard work, it’s a journey. And in every journey there are twists and turns, there are times we don’t where to go and find ourselves in chartered territory needing a map.

Marriage is beautiful and meaningful – and it also can be messy at times. But that’s life, isn’t it? No part of life is squeaky clean and without its rough edges. It’s in the mess that we find even more meaning.

So what keeps a marriage going? If you’re married, lean in and listen and share your thoughts with me. If you’re not married, going to get married or want to one day tie the knot – you gotta listen to this. It’ll prepare you for it (although, nothing quite prepares you for the REAL deal).

My marriage is nowhere near perfect, but as I dug a little deeper, I thought about what makes a marriage work and I want to share 5 significant and consequential things that have kept mine alive.

[BONUS] My significant other will jump in to share his wisdom too, so stick around till the end! Lean in and listen! 

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