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Developing Lives For Greater Good

Built to Last is a mission-driven organisation with a vision to help individuals and organisations realise their individual and collective purpose to fulfil their call and responsibility for greater good.

What We Do

Our mission is to help individuals and organisations realise their individual and collective purpose to fulfil their call and responsibility for greater good. We hope to empower individuals and organisations to be catalyst for change in their communities, cities, nation and world at large.

Everyone can leave a lasting legacy. Individuals and organisations can be a catalyst for change in your communities, city, nation and beyond. Our services include; CSR consulting and development, Impact communication, Travel for Good (volunteering) and helping faith-based organisations mobilize for missions.


Inspiring, wholesome and authentic stories and ideas delivered in creative snippets.


We are committed to building meaningful relationships through one-on-one coaching or small group mentoring sessions for holistic transformation through structured assessments, customised roadmaps, and intentional programs.


Take part in one of our events and join our community of like-minded people. Take a peak at what’s happening next, it may just be near you!

Our Values

Sowing Seeds Of Change

Our value systems is the life and blood of who we are. We operate with a keen sense of purpose and intentionality to provide you services with excellence.

We believe that faith without works is dead.

Good intentions if only spoken or wished upon is as good as nothing. Change makers are those who are resolute in their conviction and undeterred in their focus to fulfil their greater purpose that goes beyond their own lives, for the greater good of all. We believe in God and that without faith in action, it is impossible to please Him – hence faith must be seen, experienced and felt.

We will do the best work possible in service of our mission.

We are committed to the highest quality work and standard of professionalism in all that we have been entrusted. We are accountable first and foremost to God and so we are committed to work with integrity, high moral standards and excellence.

We intentionally grow and change.

We know that each person and organisation has room for improvement and that teachability is a priceless asset. This means we don’t hide from mistakes, we always seek to learn and develop ourselves personally and professionally and we are committed to “being aware” of who we are and our impact in the community.

We value people as unique human beings with distinct callings.

There are enough problems in the world to worry about, and people is not one of them. We believe that each person is significant, unique and valued for who they are and what they can become. We care about the person as a whole human being – body, mind, soul and spirit. We understand that for social change to happen – big ideas and plans don’t work, unless we really care for people and build meaningful relationships.

We believe in collaboration.

One can only do so much, but the power of collective effort yields greater impact. We believe in and commit to working with and learning from one another and others to share knowledge, lessons learnt and tap into different competencies and expertise to advance our mission.

We want to see holistic and transformational change.

We recognise very few things are as simple as they may appear. We recognise the intricacies and complexities that come with community development work hence, we are committed to seek out the nuances and details that can shift how we approach our work, making it even more effective and measurable. We are committed to putting our time and resources to things that have the greatest and most lasting impact.
Meet Our Team

Our Founding Story

As we know it, life is an adventure. Just when we think the path is predictable, a junction or a U-turn presents itself. Such is life for Terence and Deborah, the founders of Built to Last. In 2013, just as they were expecting their first child, they felt a nudging to live life more. Not that they were not living – in fact, they loved everything about it – the opportunity to work with a booming start-up for Terence, and the dream job for Deborah, traveling the world writing about and consulting for hotels and resorts. On weekends they served at a local church and poured into youth through the Royal Rangers program. They had a great family and were married for a handful of years – but the nudging persisted.

So they did the unthinkable. With a baby in tow, Terence and Deb made one of the most significant decisions in their life. They left their jobs in Kuala Lumpur to spend a couple of years in rural Cambodia to raise funds, set up literacy centers and train local teachers. They did this in partnership with an international NGO. While living the village life, their instinctive city-nature was put to the test. You can read about their first-hand account in “Live to Last”, Deb’s book where she shares a handful of incredible stories with great learnings.

The unthinkable move was not coincidental…

Terence and Deborah have both grown up with a strong ingrain of servitude in their lives – their parents, both, serve as lay people in various ministries in the church. As a result of their insatiable desire to see the world and leave a lasting impact, Terence and Deb have both individually or together offered their skills, time and energy through missions and community development work in Aceh (after the tsunami hit), interiors of Indonesia, Thailand and even the ghettos of New York!

The adventure continues to this day with Built To Last as a vehicle to bring lasting transformation to the next generation. They are currently based in Sabah, Malaysia working amongst and for the native communities. Nothing is more fulfilling than sowing into lives and empowering them to see and live life more than for themselves.


Terence is passionate about developing people and seeing individuals rise to their God-given potential and purpose. Corporate wise, he was involved in the digital and media space for eight years and was the Head of Product at a well-known social media agency in Kuala Lumpur. He has more than a decade of experience in community development work where he has trained and empowered change makers in playing their role within their own communities. He was also a key leader in Royal Rangers, an auxiliary youth program where he mentored over 50 leaders and 200 children and youth. Terence holds a Bachelors in Marketing and Commerce from Monash University and is pursuing his Masters in Sustainable Development at SIT. He is a youth coach under Leaderonomics and also a holds credentials under the Assemblies of God, Malaysia. He speaks and facilitates regularly on topics of leadership, design thinking, community development, youth development and church and missions.

Terence Ooi

Co-Founder & Director
Deborah Chan

Deborah Chan has over 12 years experience in community development projects and missions work. She spearheaded a volunteering program called STORM, short for “Short Term Operation Relief Mission” where she had the privilege of hosting over 200 volunteers and raising awareness about effective international aid and community development. Her community development work spans across Asia and beyond, to the ghettos of New York.

Deb is also a freelance writer and sustainable tourism consultant. Her writing has appeared in national and international publications including Travel & Leisure, Asian Geographic and the Rough Guides. She has assessed over 70 sustainable tourism award applications and visited over 40 sustainable tourism operators across Asia using the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria developed by United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Deborah holds a Bachelors in Mass Communication with double majors in Journalism and Cultural Studies.

Deborah authored “Live to Last” a heart-gripping memoir written to inspire youth and young adults to step up and step out to make a difference in this world. Her book can be found on this site.

Deborah Chan

Co-Founder & Director

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