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Are You Insecure? 3 Powerful Perspectives To A Fuller Life

Let’s face it, all of us have our insecurities – some more than others and sometimes these insecurities only ever creep up when we’re at a low point.

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about what others think of you?  Are you worried that people might be judging you and what you are doing? 

Insecurities are real and they are potent. If we don’t deal with them, we end up living with like access baggage in our life or the cellulite that lingers in unwanted areas. I’ve seen people act out or shrink back because their insecurities got the better of them. I wanted to talk about this because EVERYONE goes through phases of knowing themselves and finding out their identity. How then can we practically combat insecurities and stop worrying too much about what others think? I share 3 simple, yet powerful perspectives that have kept me grounded.


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