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Beating Cancer And Surviving The Storms With Michelle Loi

When you’re in your twenties and early thirties, life seems to be promising and everlasting. Most would have found a footing in the workplace and perhaps even steadily climbing the corporate ladder.

It’s also at this stage in life couples are thinking about tying the knot or even starting a family. It’s an exciting season of life and you can feel almost invincible—like nothing will ever slow you down or stop you from achieving your dreams.

But for Michelle Loi, something unexpected happened as she was progressing the fast lane. The most unexpected news hit her and her future plans came to an abrupt halt.

I sat down with Michelle to trace her journey from cancer diagnosis to her current state, as a wife, momma and someone with such wisdom. There is much to be gleaned about life and surviving the storms of life. I hope this episode inspires you as much as it did for me.

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