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Why Parents Lose Their Identity & How To Rediscover It

Parenthood is far from the first time your identity will undergo a shift. Every major transition in life somewhat alters our identity. All parents make sacrifices and put their kids first, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of losing our identity and the person we were created to be.

What I’m gonna be sharing today is a topic that is close to my heart. It has been something that I wanted to talk about and was given a gentle nudge by a listener to speak about. While it is about parenthood, motherhood, fatherhood – the lessons learnt are applicable to anyone going through transitions in life. It’s about identity, finding self in the midst of transition and finding purpose in the present season of life.

Being a parent is one the biggest transitions anyone will ever face. No book, workshop, course or pep talk can prepare you for the changes you will face. It has a big impact on our personality and temperament.

So how do we embrace the gift of parenthood without losing ourselves, but instead find purpose through this journey?

Lean in as I share 3 ways to rediscover yourself while being a parent.

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